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FOR YOUR PROTECTION , when sending an email please follow these instructions:

  1. Only give your name and the name of the other persons or businesses which may be involved in your dispute, do NOT provide any details.
  2. We will check to be sure there are no conflicts of interest .  In other words, confirm a present client of the firm does not have a claim or case against you, or if there are any reasons our firm might be disqualified from representing you.  Thus, before you share intimate details of your situation, you will want some assurances you are not communicating with a representative of your adversary and we are open to the possibility of taking your case.
  3. We will email you to advise whether or not we can represent you.  You will then be invited to provide more information about your situation.
  4. Your communications will be held in confidence.  Only when an attorney, mediator or arbitrator from this firm agrees to take your case and you comply with the terms of representation is there an attorney / client relationship.
  5. Send communications from your private and confidential email address.