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Single-Parent Adoption in Iowa

Daniel Willems Feb. 26, 2018

While the traditional American family may be made up of a mom, dad and kids, adoption laws in Iowa allow for people age 21 or older to adopt regardless of their marital status. This means that unmarried adults have the legal right to adopt. However, as an unmarried adult, you may find that it is a little harder to adopt than it would be if you were married.

No matter your marital status, sometimes the red tape surrounding adoption can be complex. That is why many adoptive parents choose to partner with an attorney from the start of the process. Contact Daniel if you are interested in beginning the adoption process!

Non-Legal Concerns for Unmarried Adults Adopting

While the law does not care whether or not adoptive parents are married, you may find that friends and family are less open to the idea. Many may feel that you should not take on the task of raising a child without the support of a spouse or partner.

Another concern you may face is working with an agency. Agencies in Iowa have their own rules about who is considered a qualified adoptive parent, and they may not take on adoptive parents who are not married. Agencies that facilitate open adoptions also have to follow the requests of the birth parent, and some birth parents want to place their children with couples, not single adults.

To overcome these hurdles, first, find an agency that is open to the idea of single-parent adoption, or consider working through the foster care system. Be willing to talk openly with friends or family who may not understand your desire to adopt as a single adult. Be ready to show how a child will fit into your life to those who ask. Finally, partner with an adoption attorney who can help walk you through the paperwork and process to help ensure greater success.

Growing a family is exciting no matter what method you use to add children to your life. With the right legal guidance from a skilled Iowa family law attorney, you can grow your family, even as a single adult, through the process of adoption. Want to learn more about what you need to qualify to adopt? Contact Daniel Willems!