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Mediation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

You can depend on exceptional mediation services from Willems Law Firm.
This process greatly reduces stress in your situation. Listen to Judge Artis Reis discuss “Alternative Dispute Resolution“:

Using mediation, we can help you avoid consequences that accompany going to court to resolve conflict.

  • Financial – attorney fees, loss productivity, time loss

  • Physical price – stress, lack of sleep

  • Intellectual price – adversarial assumptions, distraction,

  • Emotional price – anger and distrust

  • Social price – broken relationships

  • Spiritual price – Imbalance

  • Systemic price – dysfunction

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Your reputation, peace of mind, relationships, values, and finances are concerns for us, which is why you might choose mediation over a trial.


A mediator assists the parties resolve their differences by:

  • Guiding discussion

  • Identifying problems needing solutions

  • Listening and making sure each side is understood and understands the other side

  • Focusing the parties on their interests

  • Helping to explore solutions

  • Testing ideas to make sure they are workable

  • Helping to draft the parties agreement

Resolution of the conflict in mediation will happen only if BOTH sides agree. The mediator does not make decisions for the parties.

Collaborative Law Process:

Parties can agree to work together to resolve conflict and furthermore agree to hire attorneys who are not allowed to go to trial and must resolve the conflict by other means. For a more detailed review our collaborative law page.